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Help Button
A Help Button will start to appear.

This button will start to appear in various places throughout HorseDates - clicking the Help Button will open a 'pop up' area with an explanation or information relevant to the field(s) where the Help Button is positioned.
Single Date
As a HorseDates Member you can now view all events for a Single Day.

Just enter the date (in format DDMMYY) in the Single Date field rather than a month from the drop down list and all events for this day will be displayed. This option can also be used in conjunction with other Search options such as Region or County.
Send to a Friend
You can now send details of an Event on HorseDates to someone you know directly from the Event Display page(s)and it will include a direct link to the Event Details as well as an (optional) personal message from you. Look out for the icon above beside the Event.
Renew your User Account
You can now Renew your User Account for the next year; during 2019 there will be new functionality added for User Accounts to improve your experience of HorseDates (for example, you will be able to add FREE Classifieds Adverts as part of your User Account- these can be items For Sale, For Loan or Wanted (Horses, Ponies, Horsebox, Trailers, Tack etc.).
Facebook Posts
Good old Facebook - they have withdrawn the functionality that allows HorseDates to automatically post Events (including Amendments, Uploaded Schedules etc.) to Facebook. Like our Page on Facebook and bear with us while we find another solution to this problem (that is not of our making!).
Twitter and Facebook Posts
HorseDates now automatically posts Events (including Amendments, Uploaded Schedules etc.) to both Twitter and Facebook. Follow Us on Twitter or Like our Page on Facebook so that you can see events and any changes as soon as they appear on HorseDates.
Searching for Events
As part of our plan to provide more functionality that benefits you and enhances your use of HorseDates, you can now Search on a number of fields within an Event when you View Events. The searchable fields are:
Event Name
Event Detail
You could, for example, search for all events at Topthorn as a Venue and this will list all events held at Topthorn irrespective of who the Organiser is. These searchable fields can also be combined with the existing selection by Date, by Region, by County, by Event Type to give you only the evnts you want to see.
Pay to View
As you all know, HorseDates has been an invaluable FREE service for Competitors since it's inception many years ago and has established itself as the 'go to' website for events.However, a number of factors (both current and over the last months/years) have forced us to re-evaluate the current situation. We are hugely grateful to all Subscribers and Advertisers for the contribution they have made and continue to make but with continued rising costs and major development aspects such as GDPR then unfortunately the time has come for users/competitors to 'shoulder' some of this burden.
Thus to coincide with GDPR (which takes effect on 25th May 2018) or shortly thereafter HorseDates will become a 'paid for' service in that to create or retain a User Account to access details of events (in the East of England) there will be a nominal charge.
After over 10 years of a FREE Service, this has been a very hard decision to make and it is our hope that this will be successful but if it is not then we will have to re-evaluate the future of HorseDates towards the end of 2018.
Be assured we want to provide the best service possible to our users within the Equestrian Community and continue to improve what HorseDates has to offer but this has to be viable and sustainable for HorseDates.
All the required changes enforced by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are now complete and you can see what these mean and what you are able to do, request etc. as a User if you vist our GDPR/Privacy Policy page.
New Date Selection
As part of our plan to provide more functionality that benefits you and enhances your use of HorseDates, you can now select to View Events by Today or the Next 10 Days within the dropdown for Period on the View Events section (along with the standard options of selecting a particular month).
With the upcoming changes enforced by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) it is now necessary for any HorseDates User to either validate their existing User Account or Register for a new User Account. There will be more changes annouced as GDPR progress towards 25th May 2018.
On-Line Entry
HorseDates now provides links to an Organiser's on-line entry system (if they use one), just click on the blue icon or the text link when you see it displayed alongside an Event on HorseDates and you can then process your entry and payment on-line.

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